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It also explains how financial markets work and how we can trade stocks, bonds, currencies and derivatives using technical analysis. Their other areas of publishing are career guidance, politics and current affairs, strategic and defense affairs. The publishing house was founded in , and is part of an established group of Indian companies that operate in English and Hindi.

Certified Buyer , Raipur. Explore Plus. Economics, Business and Management Books. General Commerce Books. More filters. Sort order. Guide: a thing that helps someone to form an opinion or make a decision or calculation. Unfortunately, I do not believe that this book was so much a guide, as a collection of random examples of financial tools.


I thought that having "The Economist" on the cover would mean this book would at least be useful in improving on existing knowledge of financial markets. This book made me realize that: 1. Authors Guide: a thing that helps someone to form an opinion or make a decision or calculation. Authors of financial books may not know material they are covering well enough to clearly organize their thoughts for readers.

Financial Markets are definitely not an easy topic to write about, but this book will confuse more than it clarifies.

What are some examples of financial markets and their roles?

May 17, Ernest rated it liked it. Handy guide for people looking to gain a preliminary overview on financial markets and its relevant products. Not a bad book - I just found it dry and academic.

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Solid overview of the market structure, instruments and players. Very nice guide to finance. Comprehensive but extensive. Sep 13, Taylor rated it really liked it.

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  • Better to get a hard copy versus listening to it on audio as the info is very dry and hard to listen to. But extremely informative and important for anyone interested in finance and markets. Introduce some fundamental stuff on financial market. Mar 12, Colin added it. So dull it just sort of slid off my mind like advice off a teenager.

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    In fairness, I think it was the subject matter's fault though, not the author's, so I'm not rating it. I'll leave that to someone with more stamina. Since the objective of the book covers a broad scope of markets, it follows that the author is unable to delve into the depth of any of them properly. The book is a lot of transient statistics that you won't remember and are probably irrelevant by the time you read this book.

    Furthermore, banking systems are highly differentiated in various countries. What applies to the USA may not apply to you at all.


    The Economist Guide To Financial Markets 7th Edition

    The section on foreign exchange markets was intriguing but everything else was bland. I foun Since the objective of the book covers a broad scope of markets, it follows that the author is unable to delve into the depth of any of them properly. I found the division of chapters puzzling. Since most of the factors in markets are inter-related, they're both mentioned together and separately in different chapters which makes the book very confusing indeed. Jul 16, Nick rated it it was amazing. A fantastic book if you're after a quick guide to financial markets.

    With this book i've found out not only how markets have evolved but also some interesting facts that have altered my perception of some of today's most liquid markets. Everything from the fundamentals of equities to the complexities of derivatives - this book sheds light, all be it basic, A fantastic book if you're after a quick guide to financial markets.

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    • Everything from the fundamentals of equities to the complexities of derivatives - this book sheds light, all be it basic, on it all. A good reference book for the shelf. A navigational guide to the Financial Markets Conduct Act.

      William Ackman: Everything You Need to Know About Finance and Investing in Under an Hour

      Page Content. Purposes Main purposes The main purposes of the Act are to: promote the confident and informed participation of businesses, investors, and consumers in the financial markets, and promote and facilitate the development of fair, efficient, and transparent financial markets. Additional purposes In addition the Act is intended to: provide for timely, accurate and understandable information to be provided to persons to assist those persons to make decisions relating to financial products or the provision of financial services ensure that appropriate governance arrangements apply to financial products and certain financial services that allow for effective monitoring and reduce governance risks avoid unnecessary compliance costs, and promote innovation and flexibility in the financial markets.

      From 1 April Part 2 "fair dealing" provisions of the Act will come into effect FMA will start to receive licence applications although licences will not be required to be in place until later ; and some of the new exclusions in Schedule 1 of the Act may be recognised as exclusions from offers to the public under the Securities Act From 1 December , the rest of the Act will commence: the Part 3 disclosure rules, online register of offers of financial products and online register of managed investment schemes will become operative expanded exclusions in Schedule 1 of the Act will become available new managed investment schemes will be able to seek registration, and the full liability regime will commence, particularly for defective financial product disclosure.

      Part 2 — Fair dealing Part 2 provides for fair dealing matters, including: prohibiting misleading or deceptive conduct, false or misleading representations, and the making of unsubstantiated representations, in connection with financial products and financial services; and prohibiting certain offers of financial products in the course of unsolicited meetings. Part 3 — Disclosure of offers of financial products The basic rule in Part 3 is that offers of financial products for issue, and certain offers for sale, require disclosure using a PDS unless the investor or the issuer is exempted under Schedule 1.

      Material information is defined as information that: a reasonable person would expect, or would be likely to influence persons who commonly invest in financial products in deciding whether to acquire the products on offer. Part 4 — Governance of financial products Part 4 provides for the governance of regulated products, including: the governance of debt securities including the need for a trust deed and a supervisor the governance of managed investment products including the need for registration of the managed investment scheme, a governing document, and a supervisor the duties of persons associated with debt securities or registered schemes to make protected disclosures the powers of intervention to enable the supervision of debt securities and registered schemes by a supervisor or the FMA; and ongoing duties of issuers of all regulated products for example, to maintain registers of regulated products.

      Part 7 — Financial Reporting Part 7 provides for financial reporting obligations, and the keeping of proper accounting records.

      eBooks on financial markets

      Schedule 1 — Exclusions and extension to certain sale offers Schedule 1: specifies that offers to particular persons do not require disclosure under Part 3 although disclosure to other persons may be required or compliance with certain governance requirements under Part 4 specifies that certain offers as a whole do not require disclosure under Part 3, whether as a result of the nature of the offer for example, a small offer or the nature of the issuer for example, an offer by the Crown , and extends application of the legislation to offers for sale of certain existing financial products.

      Schedule 2 — Registers Schedule 2: establishes the register of offers of financial products establishes the register of management investment schemes, and contains procedural requirements for maintaining, searching, and lodgment of documents on the registers. Schedule 3 — Self-managed superannuation schemes Schedule 3 provides for the statutory recognition of single person self-managed superannuation schemes. Schedule 4 — Transitional provisions Schedule 4 contains detailed transitional provisions.