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The Drawing Lesson: A Graphic Novel That Teaches You How to Draw by Mark Crilley

The competition is free to enter. The winners will receive cash prizes.

The Book Illustration Competition The competition is open to illustrators over the age of 18, both student and professional. Entrants are asked to submit three illustrations for Love Poems , selected and edited by Imtiaz Dharker. The competition provides you the opportunity to design carpets.

The theme for is Sustainable. The competition is open to contemporary visual artists of any nationality.

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The best Huion drawing tablet in 12222

To enter the competition, you should submit a single photographic work a single image, diptych, triptych etc. The piece of art must be no larger than x cm. XP-Pen was founded in Japan in and began its research and development of graphic tablets. In , with ongoing continuous technical innovation, the XP-Pen product line has expanded to include the Star series graphics tablet for beginners, Deco series graphics tablet, and Artist series pen display for advanced users, with sales to more than countries and regions around the world.

Over the course of 14 painstaking years, XP-Pen has been dedicated to the research, design, production, and marketing of digital tablets. Our team is committed to endless innovation with the goal of bringing every artist into the digital age with tools and technology to suit their individual needs.

The four triangles in XP-Pen's logo represent professionalism, responsiveness, loyalty to customers, and green technology. We are dedicated to providing state-of-the-art digital tablets with all the latest technology. We tirelessly research and innovate new ways to improve the user experience of our products.

Top 10: Best Drawing Tablets for Artists to Buy in 2019 / Best 10 Drawing Monitors for Digital Art

We value the voices of our customers and do our best to integrate your needs and wants into our products. Customer satisfaction makes or breaks a business! XP-Pen not only takes every step to ensure the satisfaction of our customers with our products; we also provide live, real-time support to every customer.

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