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Joan Freeman.

Role-playing for more realistic technical skills training.

Key Persons in the Early Years. Peter Elfer. Katie Wrench. Michelle Garnett. Understanding Dyspraxia. Maureen Boon.

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Teaching Primary English through Drama. Suzi Clipson-Boyles. Life Story Therapy with Traumatized Children. Richard Rose. Making Inclusion Work for Children with Dyspraxia. Lois Addy. Catching them at it! Sally Featherstone. Language for Learning in the Secondary School. Sue Hayden. Raising Martians - from Crash-landing to Leaving Home. Tony Attwood. Working with Asperger Syndrome in the Classroom.

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Gill D. Bullying: A Parent's Guide. Jennifer Thomson. What if it happens in my classroom? Kate Sida-Nicholls. Teaching with Emotional Intelligence. Alan Mortiboys. Penny Rawson. Adolescents, Music and Music Therapy.

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Katrina McFerran. Letters From the Clinic. Derek Steinberg. Gary Wilson. Planning for the Early Years Foundation Stage. Sandra Smidt. Gillian Schofield. Secrets to Success for Professionals in the Autism Field. Gunilla Gerland. Improving Pupil Motivation Together. Dyslexia: A Parent's Travel Guide. Elouise Kaplan. Planning in the Moment with Young Children. Anna Ephgrave. Walking the Talk.

Giles Barrow. Ten Minutes for the Family. Eia Asen.

Teaching Primary English. Erford, B. Eysenck, S. Impulsiveness and venturesomeness: Their position in a dimensional system of personality description. Psychological, 43 , Farrow, T. Empathy in mental illnes. Feldman-Steward, D. The impact of explicit values clarification exercises in a patient decision aid emerges after the decision is actually made: Evidence from a randomized controlled trial. Journal of Medical Decision Making, 32 , Fittness, J. Emotional intelligence and the trait meta-mood scale: relationship with empathy, attributional complexity, self-control, and responses to interpersonal conflict.


Journal of Applied Psychology: Social Section, 1 , Gonzalez-Serna, J. Descenso de empatia en estudiantes de enfermeria y analisis de posibles factores implicados. Psicologia Educativa, 20 , Gregg, J. Impact of values clarification on cortisol reactivity to an acute stressor. Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science, 3 , Hallenback, B. Journal of Special Education, 29 , Hart, G. Values clarification for counselor: How counsellors, social workers, psychologists, and other human service workers can use available techniques.

Springfield, IL: Charles C.

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Thomas Publisher. Hoffman, M. Empathy and moral development-implications for caring and justice. Hogan, R. Development of an empathy scale. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 33 , Hojat, M. Empathy in patient care: Antecedents, development, measurement, and outcomes. New York, NY: Springer.


Role-play as an educational tool in medication communication skills: Students’ perspectives

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Clarifying values clarification: Some theoretical issues and a review of research. Group and Organization Studies, 1 , From values clarification to character education: A personal journey. Journal of Humanistic Counseling Education and Development, 39 , Values clarification in counseling and psychotherapy practical strategies for individual and group settings.

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  6. Koseki, B. The role of empathy in the motivational structure of school children.

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    Personality and Individual Difference, 13 , Lickona, T.