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Table of Contents Chapter 1: Introduction 1. The Enhanced Content Problems require symbolic or conceptual responses from the student and Guided Problems help students break problems into smaller steps.

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Multiple Choice Questions These questions are asked at the end of each chapter and follow one of two strategies. Some require calculations to help facilitate familiarity with equations and concepts that variables represent. The rest are conceptual based, specifically designed to encourage conceptual thinking.

Applying Physics examples from the texts serve as models for students when Conceptual Questions are assigned in WebAssign, and show how the concepts can be applied to understanding the physical world. Active Examples Serway's acclaimed examples have been enhanced in WebAssign to include hints and feedback specific to student answers to help master the concept in the worked Example. New Questions require a conceptual response and includes conceptual feedback to help a student. To help build their problem-solving confidence, students are also provided with a slightly more difficult follow-up problem to ensure they are ready to tackle the end-of-chapter homework problems.

Active Figures Animated figures from the text come to life and allow students to visualize phenomena and processes that can't be represented on the printed page. Students can change variables to see the effects, conduct suggested explorations of the principles involved in the figure, and take and receive feedback on quizzes related to the figure.

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