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Empowering the online initiative of a Fashion leader.

E-commerce Trends of Tomorrow: Insights for and Beyond

Explore our Portfolio. AND One of the acclaimed high-fashion brands, AND needed to extend beyond retail and establish a powerful online presence. We helped them with their initiative and developed all the five e-commerce websites under the flagship.

As a technology partner, we have developed a range of enterprise-grade applications for them. These comprise advanced technology tools, intuitive mobile apps, and appealing e-commerce websites. Over the years, as the brand progressed and reached where it is today, we have served them technology solutions that have strengthened their core.

From ERPs to custom tools, apps, and e-commerce, we have created a variety of applications for them.

Oracle Commerce

Innovating through Collaboration OrangeMantra aspires to create modern IT infrastructures for businesses. Schedule a Demo. Get A Quote Request an estimate for a solution that matches your need. Get A Quote. Contact Us Interested in what we do? The Oracle Commerce Solution includes the Oracle Commerce Platform and Oracle Commerce Merchandising capabilities for creating and defining the sites and content that drives customer experiences.

These capabilities include creating and managing multi-site and multichannel infrastructures, management of the product catalog, web content creation, collection of session data, pricing and promotions, processing of transactions, management of customer profiles and segments, and the creation of personalization strategies.

Once this data and content is defined, the solution leverages Oracle Commerce Guided Search and Oracle Commerce Experience Manager for the placement, contextual delivery, and optimization of cross-channel customer experiences. These capabilities focus on leveraging data and content from the commerce repositories and other source systems to scale dynamic cross-channel experiences controlled by the business user. Page management and layout, content placement, and the dynamic delivery of products, content, personalization strategies, and contextual merchandising takes place at this experience management layer.

And join the official Oracle Commerce LinkedIn community to hear about the latest and greatest from the Oracle Commerce team. Version Learn all about the new release and the new features and functions of Oracle Commerce To succeed in e-business, you need a solutions provider that understands your industry and your marketplace. Just as importantly, you need an adaptable e-business solution, one that not only supports your current business strategy, but is also flexible enough to meet tomorrow's requirements.

Digital Marketplace Models E-business has taken the concept of hybrid, best-of-breed solutions to a new level. Today, you have a wide range of practical choices and affordable choices. You can own your own Digital Marketplace by building an infrastructure of collaborative applications. You can rent the same capabilities from infomediaries. You can even rent individual applications or entire integrated suites of applications from Applications Service Providers. Perhaps best of all, you are never locked into one monolithic solution, or one monolithic solution provider.

Solution Spaces Model The Solutions Spaces Model allows you to quickly identify the e-business solutions that make most sense to you. You can easily define user requirements and technology options. You can also map a cost-effective migration path toward more advanced collaborative capabilities that allow you to effectively leverage existing investments. The result is an e-business solution that supports your current business model and quickly adapts to new market conditions.

Collaborative Environment Collaboration is becoming an e-business imperative. To effectively collaborate with other businesses, e-business applications must be able to recognize the needs of both individuals and groups within trading partner companies. Collaborative applications transform your entire organization into a customer facing organization. Customer-driven E-business Environment E-business is shifting power from sellers to buyers at a time when manufacturing and distribution companies are looking downstream to improve efficiencies.

When they are e-business enabled, sourcing-driven supply chains tend to put the operations level of your enterprise in the driver's seat. Operations is empowered to squeeze costs out of the supply chain while demanding greater levels of service. At the same time, the e-business enabled delivery-driven supply chain is expanding markets by creating new channels and new product opportunities. Glossary Collaboration - Buyers and sellers working together for their mutual benefit.

Today it is my enterprise vs. Tomorrow it is collaboration across the supply chain. Digital Market Place - An online gathering place that enables buyers and sellers to engage in e-business. E-business - furthering business strategies through E-commerce and collaborative solutions. Requires a foundation of enterprise applications. E-Commerce - Buying and selling electronically, especially over the Internet. Enterprise Solutions - Applications that manage business processes within the enterprise. A company's firewall is the practical boundary of the enterprise. Enterprise applications are the foundation for e-business.

HTML provides a human-to-machine interface. Portal - In general, an Internet access point to a collection of related services and information. Vortal - A vertical-specific equivalent to the more generalized Web portal. Shared Data - Collection of data used to rationalize and synchronize business processes. XML eXtensible Mark-up Language is a language that enables one program to communicate with another simply and easily.

E-Business Applications

XML is the lingua franca of computer systems. Digital Marketplace providers also known as infomediaries act as brokers, allowing you to conduct low-cost transactions for products and services. The Digital Marketplace provides access to new suppliers and it can also create new distribution channels.

Currently, Digital Marketplaces come in three flavors: aggregators of pricing and product information; online auctioneers, and exchanges that act as neutral third parties in exchanges.

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Industry analysts predict that these distinct business models will soon blend together into Digital Marketplaces that aggregate, auction and exchange. They further predict that the most successful Digital Marketplaces will be those that verticalize. The Digital Marketplace makes it possible for companies to access business-critical information databases 24 hours a day, it also allows you to do business with trading partners located anywhere that you may have known nothing about before you began doing business over the Internet.

The Digital Marketplace allows you to create new business channels and realign buyer-seller relationships overnight. Indeed, in the Digital Marketplace trading partners may begin beating a path to your door, each promising to outdo its rivals. At the same time, Digital Marketplaces also improve the reliability of the information you receive. Because they act as disinterested brokers and reduce the overall cost of doing business, Digital Marketplaces can significantly improve the quality of your environments.

Supplier reliability is strengthened as costs are lowered. Just Another Option? While the promise of the Digital Marketplace providers can be considerable, they are scarcely the answer to everything, and they have certain built-in limitations. Their most obvious limitation is that they are middlemen.

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The Internet has the potential to render middlemen obsolete. Why, some will ask, rely on a third party for business-critical relationships that might be better managed with e-business collaborative applications resident on your own IT infrastructure? The important thing to remember about Digital Marketplace providers is that they add to your current list of e-business options. In this sense, they are much like Application Services Providers ASPs , companies that make enterprise applications available to clients over the Internet for certain fees.

You can rent these services, or you can own applications that provide the same benefits. And the choice of renting or owning depends on the extent to which your business relies on the applications. If you are a heavy-weight user, your goal should probably be own the applications. If you are a lightweight user, renting may be the better option. They also take customer care and personalization to new levels. With e-business collaborative applications, your entire IT infrastructure becomes customer facing. Today's CRM applications are designed to integrate with, and augment, back-office enterprise and engineering applications.

Basically, they improve customer care in two ways.