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Alveolar bone, periodontal membrane, gingiva, lingual frenum, and muscle and tongue functions need to be carefully evaluated and considered. The preface and introductory chapter of this book provide brief philosophical discussions of those criteria. To appropriately position the teeth in the jaws to improve masticatory function and esthetic appearance, 3-dimensional casts trimmed according to the line of occlusion are necessary.

The procedure is briefly described in chapter 2. The pliers most frequently used is the Biospecial; it is used in bioprogressive therapy to bend 0. Other pliers used, albeit infrequently, are the birdbeak and the Howe.

Manual of wire bending techniques

Described is how orthodontists should train themselves in the posture and way of holding pliers when using them to bend wire. Also demonstrated in the same chapter are the straight section mandibular left , retraction section maxillary left , stabilizing helical section maxillary left , mandibular utility arch, maxillary closing utility arch second premolar to second premolar, 0.

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Again the use of excellent photographs and diagrams in this chapter limits the need for long descriptive text. Such cases include the 'correction of a step between the mandibular second premolar and first molar', the 'correction of class II, division 2 deep bite in adults' and the 'correction of ectopic eruption of the maxillary'.

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For any practising orthodontist, wire bending plays a crucial part to the treatment and ultimately the success for the majority of orthodontic cases. This manual expertly guides the reader through up to date wire bending techniques in a manner which is clear and easy to follow. I would highly recommend this manual to any orthodontic trainee, technician or practising orthodontist wishing to learn, improve or master their techniques and understanding of wire bending. Reprints and Permissions.

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