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Let me know if any of the names or numbers are wrong. Items with release dates not verified by Diamond Distribution are individually noted. Any questions regarding the use of this work should be directed to Charles LePage at chuck comiclist. ComicList was founded Jan. I guess sometimes an author just has a great year? Cream rises to the top?

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When editing a theme anthology I try to decide which of my writers might be interested in the theme. Is this a conscious decision to try and work in some new blood, some fresh voices, or is it just whatever stood out that year? The forthcoming number eleven contains the most—thirteen. Number ten had nine. Number nine had eight. This is exciting to me because it means new voices are regularly entering the field of horror, and many of these newcomers are doing incredible work. Some are from outside the field, dipping their creative feet into horror for the first time, or only occasionally.

Are there any new publications that have caught your eye? The forthcoming volume has stories from Lamplight and Mystery Weekly Magazine , two magazines I was unaware of previously, but neither regularly publish horror. I definitely am drawn to hybrid fiction, horror that taps into other genres as well. My only complaint is that I have to sift through so much dark fantasy. Is it something that is current, that seems timely? Is it a topic, emotion, or monster that has always appealed to you?

Your projects—from dolls to fairy tales to Lovecraft—always resonate with me, and tap into something primal when it comes to terror and fear. Terri Windling and my young adult anthology Teeth , was meant to be commissioned by its publisher to capitalize on the young adult vampire craze and Terri and I intended it to be the anti- Twilight …with no glittery vampires. Valente, Nathan Ballingrud, and Lucius Shepard to name a few of the contributors.

A theme must be something that will interest me for at least a couple of years, the period of time it takes to acquire and edit the stories if original and for the production process. The other criteria is that the theme must be broad enough for me to ask my contributors to stretch. Simple question here for once.

May not be a simple answer, I know. The only one I hate hate hate is Mother! Instead, he tackles the intersection of loneliness, guilt, shame, grief, the desire for companionship, and, yes—sexuality. But sexuality through the lens of longing for companionship, for physical comfort and belonging, for intimate connection. Thomas gets it extremely right in this.

It takes a special type of fear to evoke laughter.

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This is a lesson that took time for me to learn. She tracks him to a hotel, and discovers that their daughter B. After she puts B. She recounts a mission in which she discovered she was pregnant and explains that she left the Deadly Vipers to give B.


Bill explains that he assumed she had died and mourned her for three months; he ordered her assassination when he discovered she was alive and engaged to a "jerk" that he assumed was the father of her child. Bill makes his peace with her, takes five steps and dies. Beatrix leaves with B. As with Tarantino's previous films, Kill Bill features an eclectic soundtrack comprising many musical genres. On the two soundtracks, music ranges from country music to selections from the Spaghetti Western film scores of Ennio Morricone.

Bernard Herrmann 's theme from the film Twisted Nerve is whistled by the menacing Elle Driver in the hospital scene. A brief, second excerpt from the opening of the Ironside theme music by Quincy Jones is used as the Bride's revenge motif, which flares up with a red-tinged flashback whenever she is in the company of her next target. Kill Bill: Volume 2 was released in theaters on April 16 , It was originally scheduled to be released on February 20 , , but was rescheduled. Variety posited that the delay was to coincide its theatrical release with Volume 1 ' s release on DVD. Volume 2 ' s opening weekend gross was higher than Volume 1 ' s, and the equivalent success confirmed the studio's financial decision to split the film into two theatrical releases.

Volume 2 ' s opening weekend was the largest to date for Miramax Films aside from releases under its arm Dimension Films. The opening weekend was also the largest to date in the month of April for a film restricted in the United States to theatergoers 17 years old and up, besting Life ' s record. Volume 2 ' s opening weekend was strengthened by the reception of Volume 1 in the previous year among audiences and critics, abundant publicity related to the splitting into two volumes, and the DVD release of Volume 1 in the week before Volume 2 ' s theatrical release.

Outside of the United States and Canada, Volume 2 was released in 20 territories over the weekend of April 23 , The website's critical consensus states, " Kill Bill: Volume 2 adds extra plot and dialogue to the action-heavy exploits of its predecessor, while still managing to deliver a suitably hard-hitting sequel. Roger Ebert celebrated the films, saying "Put the two parts together, and Tarantino has made a masterful saga that celebrates the martial arts genre while kidding it, loving it, and transcending it.

This is all one film, and now that we see it whole, it's greater than its two parts.

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David Carradine also received a Best Supporting Actor nomination in the same year. In April , Tarantino told Entertainment Weekly that he was planning a sequel: [16]. Oh yeah, initially I was thinking this would be my " Dollars Trilogy ". I was going to do a new one every ten years. But I need at least fifteen years before I do this again. I've already got the whole mythology: Sofie Fatale will get all of Bill's money. She'll raise Nikki, who'll take on The Bride.

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Nikki deserves her revenge every bit as much as The Bride deserved hers. I might even shoot a couple of scenes for it now so I can get the actresses while they're this age. At the San Diego Comic-Con International , Tarantino stated that, after the completion of Grindhouse , he wanted to make two anime Kill Bill films: an origin story about Bill and his mentors, and another origin starring the Bride.

Details emerged around about two possible sequels, Kill Bill: Volume 3 and Volume 4. According to the article, "the third film involves the revenge of two killers whose arms and eye were hacked by Uma Thurman in the first stories. We'll see, probably not though.

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We were talking about it literally last week. If any of my movies were going to spring from my other movies, it would be a third Kill Bill.

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