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Professor Brush first situates both Montaigne and Bayle within the stream of skepticism extending from antiquity through the seventeenth century. Within this historical setting he then undertakes to trace the development of Montaigne's thought from the early essays to the Apologie de Raimond Sebond, and then through the essays of to his finalessays. In doing so, Professor Brush shows what I consider to be very subtle and penetrating insights into a mind grappling with the questions of human belief.

The resultis not the usual sterilecodificationof a historicalfigurebut rather an engaging and even fascinating portrait of the mind of Montaigne. The section on Montaigne is followed by a chapter tracing the development of seventeenth-century skepticism through various disciplesof Montaigne up to the time when Pierre Bayle, maturing in his Huguenot milieu, himself started to engage in the "great contest of faith and reason" In the section on Bayle, good use is made of the latestdevelopments in the feld of Bayle scholarship, taking the work of such scholars as Walter Rex, Elizabeth Labrousse, and Richard Popkin as a point of departure.

A very good picture of the e. The conclusion of the study establishesthe similaritiesand dissimilaritiesbetween Bayle and Montaigne, who have often been carelessly lumped together under the catch-all word of "skeptics. He notes by way of contrast that Montaigne, by not sharing the Calvinist austerity of Bayle's character, came at the end of his life to a peculiar brand of gay wisdom that Bayle never knew. Where Montaigne attained to the prize of self-knowledge at the end of his life of inquiry, Bayle found only an unmitigated pessimism, producing in his Dictionnaire a "documented indictment of the human race.

The study is well documented and is marked by considerable precision in the use of vocabulary. The Final Essays I Interim Seventeenthcentury Skepticism. The Gentleman and the Scholar I The Dictionnaire historique et critique. For pdf, fundamentally 36 people where completed in the Psychological level which is a critically mere perspective view for such a subsequent list.

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