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The citadel was an impregnable refuge from pirate raids.

By the s, it had been abandoned. The Church of Panaghia Kalou in Pori 8km NE of Fira is a testament to the resilient spirit of Santorinians in the face of numerous dangers, including Catholic and Muslim invaders, marauding pirates and violent earthquakes and eruptions. The islanders defended themselves both practically, living within walled towns or subterranean houses, and spiritually.

At sea, the age of sail was drawing to a close, while on land the age of industrialization was in full swing, with mining, textile production, tomato canning and wine exports all enjoying impressive growth. It is this period to which you will be transported as you enter the former mansion of wine merchant George Argyros, in Messaria.


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This stately building, constructed by local craftsmen according to plans drafted by Bavarian architects, was seriously damaged in the earthquake and remained in that state for 35 years until the Ministry of Culture designated it as a protected heritage property, paving the way for a lengthy and faithful restoration. Sadly, many other notable structures on Santorini did not share the good fortune of the Argyros Mansion , and were never renovated. The earthquake, which measured 7.

Caldera-edge settlements

Just a few dozen meters from the Argyros Mansion in Messaria stands the Markezinis Mansion , with its wild bougainvilleas and jungle-like garden. Having partially crumbled to the ground, it now faces the threat of collapsing entirely. This house stands as a silent witness to a very different way of life, one abruptly interrupted. There are dozens of similar buildings in Oia, Pyrgos, Fira and Kontochori. The first is the D. In the brightly lit mine shaft below the museum, you can see how Theran pumice — a formidable, widely exported contruction material — was extracted.

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Where should I stay in Santorini? How To Get To Santorini? Are there Direct Flights to Santorini? What is the caldera? Santorini or Mykonos?

4 Beautiful Days in SANTORINI Vlog - Thira, Oia, Blue Domes, Sunsets, Volcano Tour, Greece

Best greek Islands to visit around Santorini? Best Spots for Sunset Views in Santorini? Where to Rent a Quad for Santorini? Money in Santorini. Do you need cash? Can I take the local buses to move around in Santorini? Where to Rent A Car in Santorini? Best Sunset and Volcano Cruises? What Are the best things to do in Santorini? What are the best wineries to visit in Santorini? Shopping in Santorini. Any good? Is Santorini for families with kids? Ok, so… Here is what you need to know about Santorini in details:. Click on the map to see Santorini on Google Maps.

Where To Stay in Santorini? Where you will be staying in Santorini can make or break your holidays so you have to consider a few things. You have to choose what you want from your trip to Santorini and what is a priority for you. You literally have 2 options: a. Amazing famous Santorini views super expensive but not close to the beaches or b. None of these towns are close to the sea though. But no access to a beach unfortunately. These beach side towns of Santorini have amazing hotels in much more reasonable prices.

These are Santorini's seasons and how crowded, warm and expensive the island will be. One of the ways to get to Santorini is by a ferry from Athens but it's not the best way as you will be wasting a lot of time. A 1 hr flight from Athens is much better.

21 Things You Need To Know To Plan A Trip To Santorini (12222 GUIDE)

How To Book flight and ferry tickets to Santorini? Santorini's airport waiting area to get on board. It's a small tiny airport that doesn't have proper amenities. If you are visiting Santorini in the low season November-April you might only have the option to fly to Athens and then take a 45mins flight to Santorini check Expedia for all the available options So, basically your options are:. What Is The Caldera? Caldera is the sea lagoon that was created by the volcano thousands of years ago.

All the famous views in Santorini, overlook the caldera and it is the most expensive area to stay. To be more precise it is an active volcano!

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Caldera is the sea lagoon that has been created since then. Here is an amazing video showing what happened:. Fira Oia Firostefani Imerovigli Akrotiri. Yes, it is. Also, a day trip from Athens to Cairo is possible, to go and check the pyramids. Jokes aside, there is no point of rushing such a day trip. Take things easy and enjoy every trip you make if possible. Mykonos is famous for its parties but it's not just a party island.

Santorini on the other hand has many more things to do and see This is a dilemma that any people have. They are both amazing islands but: Mykonos is quite a party island with very nice and long sandy beaches no sandy beaches in Santorini unfortunately. Best Greek Islands Near Santorini. There are literally hundreds of greek islands around Santorini but are not all accesible through a flight or a ferry boat.

Anafi the only one that a daytrip is possible Ios 2hrs ferry from Santorini Naxos 3 hrs ferry from Santorini Mykonos 2 hrs ferry from Santorini Folegandros 1 hr ferry from Santorini Milos 2 hrs ferry from Santorini Paros 2 hrs ferry from Santorini. Best Sunset Views in Santorini. Santorini's sunsets are famous and that means you probably have to share the views with other people You won't be the only one driving a quad in Santorini but it's definitely a fun thing to do not very safe though.

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