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Anna Comnena after : The Alexiad.

Anna Comnena after : The Alexiad [Books 10 and 11]. See also Catholic Encyclopedia: Anna Comnena. Gesta Francorum. Raymund d'Aguiliers: Historia Francorum qui ceperunt Iherusalem.

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William of Tyre c. William of Tyre's account extends here to the the s. Guillame de Tyr William of Tyre c.

Crusades: Christian Perspective

Books ditto Books ditto Books , the continuation, from the Recueil des historiens des croisades Chronique du Templier de Tyr , from Les gestes des Chiprois as edited by Gaston Raynaud. The Latin Kings of Jerusalem chronology. Christian Muslim Interaction [Geary John Of Jerusalems Knights of Malta. Primitive Rule of the Templars , The first, and most lasting, military encounter of the Second Crusade was the Capture of Lisbon. On the failures of the Germans' Crusade. Bernard, and the journey of the army. William of Tyre: The Fiasco at Damascus , Criticism of the Crusade Annales Herbipolenses, s.

Medieval Philosophy (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Bernard of Clairvaux : Apologia for the Second Crusade. Ansbert: Letter from the East to the Master of the Hospitallers , Texts from Villehardoun, Robert de Clari, Choniates, etc. Nicetas Choniates: Capture of Constantinople , Frederick II's Crusade: Letters, The Capture of Jerusalem, Louis's Crusades Jean de Joinville: Memoirs , full text. In some cases alternate versions are available, and are working through the pipeline. Dates of accession of material can be seen in the New Accessions Page.

Links to files at other site are indicated by [At some indication of the site name or location]. No indication means that the text file is local. Medieval Studies This guide lists the key brief sources--both online and in print--for students of the Middle Ages.

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Edited by Alan V. C78 ] Focused on the crusading movement from roughly and , this 4-volume set covers such topics as persons Saladin , families and dynasties Embriaci Family , anonymous literary works Melisende Psalter , places and countries Tripoli, City of , events Ankara, Battle of , and general subjects Crusades against Christians. With individual bibliographies for each entry as well as a lengthy general bibliography, and with a substantial index in the final volume as well as some primary texts, this encyclopedia should prove useful for students studying the Crusades.

The Medieval World at War. Edited by Matthew Bennett. London: Thames and Hudson, M47 ] Use this book for an engaging introduction to war in the Middle Ages.

With colour photos, colour maps, and key events highlight boxes, as well as a general index and a further reading section, this title is an ideal starting place for undergraduate research on the topic. Medieval Warfare: A Bibliographical Guide. By Everett Crosby. New York: Garland, C76 X] Citing 3, or so articles, books, and other sources on mediaeval warfare, Crosby covers from the late Roman Empire to the 16th century and sounds such topics as recruitment, the spoils of war, financing an army, and laws of combat.


Historiography of the Crusades

Encyclopedia of the Crusades. By Alfred J. Westport, Conn: Greenwood, Pratt Library Reference Area — D