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Though, it was destroyed by pirates, the monks struggled to rebuilt it. It is said that the high tower was also constructed in the early 17th century. The Holy Monastery of Esphigmenou was founded around the 10th or 11th century and rest on the northwestern coast of the peninsula of the Holy Mountain. The Monastery 's main church is dedicated to the Ascension of the Lord having eight chapels and seven exterior ones. Also, its library contains manuscripts and more than 8, printed books.

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The Monastery Grigoriou is an imposing building standing out above the rocks of the southwestern side of Athos between Simonos Petra and the Monastery Dionysiou. The Holy Monastery was founded in the 14th century by the ascetic monk Gregorius Sinaitis. The Monastery possesses manuscripts, other documents and approximately 4, printed books.

Initially, in , the emperor Alexios III, offered the monastery to a Serbian governor called Stephanos Nemania and his son, Ratsko, who proved to be a powerful man carrying out important responsibilities with great success. The Monastery Iviron is built on a picturesque area, in the middle of the eastern coast of Mount Athos, at a place which is said that Virgin Mary stopped to ask God to dedicate Mount Athos to herself. The monastery was renamed when the Georgians monks from Iviron Monastery come to be students of Athanasios Athonitis.

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The monastery is surrounded by two towers that were used as a fort against the raids of the intruders. The one is placed in the courtyard and the other one in the cardinal monastery The Monastery Karakallou has a glorious tower, located at a picturesque area with a stunning view over the Aegean Sea, at the southeastern side of Athos peninsula. The monastery was founded in the 11th century, by a monk named Karakalas. Some people also argue that the monastery was named after a Roman Emperor, Karakalas, who had built a tower at the same place The Monastery Konstamonitou is situated in a wooded area with unique natural beauty, at the northern part of Mount Athos, almost an hour walking from the sea.

It was founded in the 4 th century by Megas Konstantinos or by his son, Konstantas who finally gave its name to the monastery. Unfortunately, the monastery was burned in the 11 th century and then rebuilt with the financial support of the Emperor Andronikos. The Monastery of Koutloumousiou is situated in the northeastern area of Athos, close to Karyes while it was founded in the 10th century, though its patriarchal monastery was built in Moreover, in , the leader of the Revolution in Macedonia, Emmanuel Papas, was declared as governor and supporter of Macedonia in this monastery.

When the monastery was founded in the 11 th century, it was located at the eastern area.

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The present building complex, consisting of monumental buildings with a lot of floors, high vaults and big bells was built in , when the old monastery of Agios Panteleimon was transferred from Paleomonastiro. The Monastery of Saint Agios Pavlos, located in the southern area of the western side of Athos peninsula, is composed of ten smaller monasteries which are built nearby the sea, surrounded by several castles and towers. Moreover, it is the only monastery that is close to the mountain Athos. The monastery is built around the 10 th century by Monk Pavlos Xiropotaminos.

How to reach each side Mount Athos monasteries :. Mount Athos is accessible only by the sea. There is an office at the port.

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Holy Community: Tel. Be careful not to get lost in the labyrinth paths, which cross thick woods and steep ravines. Your Email required. Your Message.

Mount Athos. Contact Now. Each envelope advertises a break in the monotony of days; each reveals on penetration only one more facet of a standard world. But latterly another kind has come, strangely addressed, stranger still within.

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May he guard you from all evil, world without end. Send me from England ten metres of black stuff that I may make a gown.

Till the whole excursion into their impalpable world stands defined as the limits of a sleep. But the experience, being personal, is framed in a larger retrospect. The colour of their environment lives by contrast with my own.

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