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Look up in the Separation Principles table which of the 40 Inventive Principles are most useful. Triz is a treasure trove of resources. But how do you know where you need to look? When you want to hunt for resources, try the following places:. System features: Size, shape, colour, transparency, weight, roughness, density, porosity, and so on. Sub-system and component resources: Use raw as found , combine together, or modify. Knowledge, experience, feelings: What knowledge and experience do you have? What attitudes, beliefs, feelings might be happening?

Triz can be very helpful when you encounter problems. Whenever you face a challenge, remember to step through the problem following a logical process and use the following TRIZ tools.

Triz is designed to help you with problems. Keeping that in mind, it is only helpful if you know how to approach these issues. Here are some Bad Solution Park rules that might be helpful. Whenever you have an idea, write it down — no matter how wacky, weak, impractical, outrageous or poorly developed. Everyone contributes — everyone has a pen and sticky notes and can add to the Bad Solution Park at any time.

TRIZ for Dummies

Cheat Sheet. When uncovering and solving contradictions, follow these simple steps: Write down your contradiction in your own words.

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Capture questions, comments and problems too. Zusman, L. Kaplan, S. Visnepolschi, V. Proseanic and S.

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TRIZ: Peter Childs interview with Karen Gadd, Oxford Creativity - Oxford TRIZ

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TRIZ For Dummies

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Triz for Dummies by Lilly Haines-Gadd

Abstracts and Presentations. ISBN: ISBN Business Matrix 3. Applying TRIZ methodology to medical device innovations. New Innovation Guidebook for Game Changers. Inventor's Manual Nikolay R.