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  • Three-way matching in Dynamics for Finance and Operations is a great tool for companies to implement. To ensure that Posted on: September 19, Email Print. About the Author - Manoj Nair. July 25, at am.

    Create a BOM and BOM version in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3

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    Microsoft Dynamics Goes International

    Okay, thanks. Enhancements have also been made to the recall order and order list features. Retailers can now set up and configure an online marketplace as a retail channel directly in Microsoft Dynamics AX. Previously, this functionality was offered only on the web in Commerce Services. Retailers can use online marketplaces to easily sell products online through established marketplaces, such as eBay and Amazon.

    AX & Mainstream Support Ending Soon! – What exactly does this mean for you?

    Catalogs and product listings are centrally managed, and sales orders flow seamlessly back into Microsoft Dynamics AX for processing. For more information, see USA Setting up online marketplaces. In this release, the tracing has been separated into two segments:. System diagnostics — Retail POS uses the standard. By default, the log file is created in the user temp folder under RetailLogs. Logging can be configured to write an XML log file or the Windows event log. The auditing can be turned on in the functionality profile. For more information, see Configuring parameters and initial settings.

    More details about products are available to cashiers in Retail POS. These details include product attributes, bar codes, issue dates, and pictures.

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    Cashiers can view and modify information about a customer in Retail POS. Additional customer information is available to cashiers in Retail POS. For more information, see Point of Sale. A catalog manager can enrich products by adding descriptions, specifications, product relationships, images, videos, rich text content, and other data. The catalog is based on a highly configurable attribute schema at the product, category, or channel level. For more information, see About retail product catalogs.

    This feature lets you create a retail product catalog in Microsoft Dynamics AX. You can also enhance the product offerings by adding attributes, images, videos, and so on, and then publish the catalog.

    When the catalog is published, product listings are generated in one or more online channels, such as an online store. Before you can publish retail product catalogs, a catalog publishing job must be scheduled via the Microsoft Dynamics AX batch job framework. The commerce runtime provides omni-channel commerce capability that has uniform extensibility across channels. The commerce runtime enables the online storefront, Retail POS, and back office business calculations and business processes. The pricing service feature gives an online store the same advanced pricing and discount capabilities that are currently available for Retail POS.

    The pricing service is enabled when a retail product catalog is published to the online store. The catalog products and their prices are displayed to customers who browse for products in the online store. Any discounts that are available for the products are calculated and displayed after the products are added to the shopping cart at checkout time.

    For more information, see Commerce Runtime. AX R2 includes a new dedicated Retail cube that provides business intelligence data to help retailers make business decisions. You can customize the new Retail cube by adding data sources, measures, dimensions, calculations, key performance indicators KPIs , and so on. To upgrade retail functionality, you must redeploy replace and reconfigure the earlier POS software on each terminal in each store. You must perform this redeployment during a tightly constrained time window to avoid disrupting retail activities. Although earlier releases required that all stores be upgraded at the same time, AX R2 supports operations that use two versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX POS software at the same time.

    Multi-version support lets upgrade administrators upgrade one store at a time while maintaining regular operations in stores that are still awaiting upgrade. For more information, see Scenario: Upgrade a Retail system. This feature lets you manually enter a discount code for discount offers without having to create a campaign.


    Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 Includes Regulations for Different Countries, Regions

    Discount codes can be applied to both brick-and-mortar stores and online stores. If you create a discount code for a campaign and enter the discount code manually, the system does not use number sequences and bar codes to automatically generate the code. Instead, the system uses the manual code. For more information, see Setting up price adjustments and discounts.

    This feature enhances the functionality for transaction inquiries and adds a new inquiry form for online store transactions. You can view all transactions for a retail store by using the existing inquiry form. Then you can view all transactions for an online store by using the new inquiry form for online stores.

    For more information, see View inquiries and reports overview. AX R2 includes a suite of features that help you deploy, manage, and customize an online sales channel that is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX.

    What's new in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3

    E-commerce investments include two starter online stores which are built on Microsoft SharePoint Products, developer tools, and administrative and runtime components that integrate the online channel with Microsoft Dynamics AX. By using this new suite of e-commerce features, you can centrally manage products, merchandising, and order fulfillment for all aspects of your online sales channel in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

    The runtime components are designed to deliver content and retail services in a scalable way. The starter online store the Contoso electronics store accelerates the development of highly customized online channels. The starter online store includes the patterns and best practices that are required for production-ready deployments. These patterns and best practices include powerful, search-driven, adaptive experiences that are offered by the SharePoint for Internet Sites FIS platform.

    The following table shows the features in AX R2 that can help you manage your online channel. Channel management lets you define an organizational entity in Microsoft Dynamics AX and associate that entity with an online website. Therefore, you can manage catalogs, prices, promotions, and other content for a brick-and-mortar channel and an online channel in one place.

    Channel management also lets you define default properties for a channel, such as a default profile for an anonymous shopper, the navigation hierarchy, and payment processing configurations. Channel publishing lets you publish data and properties for a channel to a website, regardless of where that website is hosted.

    The data and properties that you can publish include the navigation hierarchy. For example, all Microsoft Dynamics AX administration for a Contoso channel is performed in offices that are located in Seattle, but the data center that hosts Contoso. In this case, administrators can seamlessly manage and publish data from Microsoft Dynamics AX to the data center.