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First, high growth rates among poor and middle-income countries. It also largely depends on China and India maintaining their high growth rates.

A second path would be a global redistribution scheme pushing ever larger amounts of money to poor countries. The third path would be to promote migration, which can be an expeditious way for people to improve their fortunes. That means development should be seen through the prism of people, not countries. From a global point of view — though not necessarily from a nation-state political point of view — what matters is that people should prosper, wherever they end up.

Policy makers, he said, can benefit from the research by, for example, making sure that energy subsidies, which are highly regressive and benefit largely the middle- and higher-income groups, are phased out. The resources can then be used in more productive ways, such as educating million people with low levels of literacy skills, or ensuring that girls have greater access to education. You have clicked on a link to a page that is not part of the beta version of the new worldbank.

Vision Europe Summit 2017: The Winners and Losers of Globalization

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Edmonds, E. Edwards, S. Feenstra, R. Findlay, R. Firebaugh, G. Flam, H. Flemming, J. Atkinson and F.

Goldin, C. Goldin and G. Welch ed. Griffin, K. Hadass, Y. Hanson, G. Hatton, T. Borjas and J.

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Hirst, P. Hoffman, P. Jacks, P. Levin and P. Huber, J. Huberman, M. Irwin, D. Krueger, A. Jones and P. Migration has become the issue — the lightning rod — for anti -globalisation sentiment.

As Vince has written above, there is a long history of globalization ebbing and flowing throughout the world. Please share in the comments below whether you think rising nationalism will have a significant impact on globalization. Do you believe that the levels of globalization will change in the near future? We use cookies to give you a better experience. Search Search.


Winners and Losers in Globalization

The Politics of Economics and the The University of Nottingham. In recent years the once generally accepted idea of globalization has come into question. Will rising nationalism and identity politics lead to changes in the existing economic order? Globalization: the Winners and Losers.

What is Globalization? Limits to Globalization The most recent trends suggest the need for caution in predicting an inexorable growth in international integration. Costs and Benefits There is a solid edifice of economic theory and the experience of economic history to tell us that there are substantial benefits, which translate into higher living standards, from economic integration.

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